Friday, April 22, 2011

You look really tired.

A comment we've been hearing fairly regularly these days, as our two lovely girls slowly drain the life force out of us. There have been some pretty long nights recently, as Miss Celia has turned out to be....wait for it...harder to settle than Edie ever was. So much for the balancing forces of one intense baby and one mild one. Ah well, at least they're cute, and this unsettled period will soon pass.

We found out the other day that Celia is officially an Australian citizen - because we were permanent residents at the time of her birth. Edie, on the other hand, will have to wait until her 10th birthday to be granted it, and then only if she has spent the majority of her life living here. So if we decide to move permanently back to Canada anytime soon, Celia will be able to lord her dual citizenship over Edie. Edie's response will no doubt be to pin Celia down and give her repeated chest pokes much like Heather used to give to Laura. Can't wait for that.

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of Nanna Midgie, now less than a month away, to be followed by Edie's surgery. It should be interesting times with plenty of running around but also hopefully some site seeing and forest walks. And of course lots of puzzle making.

Laura has posted a few recent pics. Don't let all the smiles fool you. We're mostly mugging for the camera. Just kidding. We did have a fun Easter egg hunt with Tim, Lindsay, Joel and their friends Jen and Andy who had travelled all the way here from the states with their 10 month old twins. Now that's a journey for the ages.

All for now. Happy Easter!

The girls- April 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for meaning...

So, this is a short something that I thought was rather funny and share-worthy.

Tim is collaborating with a Lithuanian colleague on a paper. They didn't know each other before Tim was asked to join in as a co-author but have since learned a bit more about the other. So the other day this colleague sent along a word document to Tim telling him about his family and in particular his two daughters. He also described what his daughters' names meant, and they happened to be lovely and romantic meanings. Tim, thinking he'd send back information about our family did a little search to check out the meaning of Edie and Celia's names, and they are as follows:

Celia: blind
Edie: prosperous at war

So we didn't do our homework when it came to meanings of names. Guilty. I do happen to think that the meaning of Edie's name is quite apt, however. Let's just hope that 'blind' is a metaphor in Celia's case, i.e. blind to skin color (or something equally catch-phrase worthy) and not physically blind, but we'll see (Rick Cunjak, that was for you).

Some new pictures, sorry for the repetative poses on the part of Celia, like the manatee all she does is eat and sleep.

Love to all,


Little Celia rockin' the duck suit

Bouncy chair of neglect courtesy of Steph

Bathtime with big sister the excellent helper