Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a little while, and we've done a lot.  Lots of pictures to tell the stories.

view from our cottage in Bermuda...not much more to say

Most remarkable was a December trip to visit Nanny and Grampy Jardine.  We figured that the girls hadn't done enough travelling this year, so we packed them up and headed south on the 8th of December for a 10 day trip.  There are no words to describe just how relaxing and enjoyable our stay was.  Nanny and Grampy did some great research into accommodations, and scored a lovely beach-front cottage about a 10 minute walk from their place on the island.  The sound of waves crashing on the shore was constant as was our tramping to the beach and back all day everyday.  We enjoyed a get-together with the Bardgett clan (Nanny's family), where the kids got to know their Bermudian rellies.  Edie had some big stars in her eyes for Kayla, her 9 year old gymnast, equestrian, big personality Bermudian cousin.  Needless to say, we all went to bed every night completely wiped out.  Nana and Grandpa did everything in their power to make our stay as easy and fun as possible, making it a Christmas trip to remember.  A layover in Toronto on the way home meant a stay with Auntie Joy and Uncle Trevor, another lovely visit.

party dress!

Ceeley, not to be outdone, in her party dress

a handful of the aunties

the imports, commiserating

men at parties

Kayla and Dee

Dinner at Nanny and Grampies

spectacular view

Miss Dee and the spectacular view

morning routine

possibly my favourite picture of all time 

Grampy and Ceeley

cuddles with Nanny

cuddles with Grampy

squeeks and Nanny

Winter is still here, with average temperatures of around -20C, making it challenging to get the kids out of the house everyday.  Days are better when we do get out, so we make a point of trying to get out for at least 20 minutes twice a day, no small feat.  The girls and I acquired new skates for Christmas so we're back on the ice, which the girls love, and are getting very good at.  Sliding is still a hit, although our time outside has to be so short (so as to prevent frost-bite) that we haven't been on the hill nearly as much as last year.  Winter in Saskatchewan brings a whole new appreciation for time and the value of a minute.  Today we had a break in the weather, which really started 2 days ago but culminated in a temperature of -3C this morning.  It really felt like a nice fall day, minus the snow we were shovelling.  Speaking of shovelling, in Saskatoon there is a bylaw that residents have 24 hours to clear their walkway and sidewalks of snow, or you might face a bill for snow removal by the city if you're reported ($100-$150).  I like this bylaw.  In our neighbourhood anyway, it makes for neighbourly neighbours, we all kind of help each other out at different times.  It is a bit tricky to keep the sidewalks clear however, when even the lightest snow must be removed pronto so as to avoid buildup which takes no time at all if someone walks on that freshly fallen snow, and this buildup eventually needs to be chipped away, no small feat.  Given the warm temps this morning we had the opportunity to clear the walkways with salt, and it was nice to see the whole sidewalk again.

Our first Christmas in our Saskatoon home was a good one.  The girls are getting on to the idea of Christmas and it was really, really fun preparing for the holidays with them. Lots of baking, cooking and crafting...oh goodness, listen to me.  I used to make fun of people like me.  Most awesome Christmas outcome- Edie decided to use the money in her piggybank to buy Celia a Christmas present, and picked out a ride-on bike and little doll-house, which just happen to be Celia's fav new toys.  We are so proud of Dee. We are also proud of Celia, but for different reasons, including her new mastering of the potty.  Fun times!

Dee and Taz on a Christmas date

waiting for gingerbread

Christmas at the Western Development Museam

post-bath bed-hide

cookie time!

Christmas morning!

I love toys

the new bike

new skates!

homemade tutu kit from Cousins Maddie and Eli- Dee adores it

skating fun

and progress...

winter fun on the swings

how to have fun at -20C

Ceeley also likes the element of danger winter provides

not loving the homemade tutu however

more winter fun

Tim starts teaching his first course at the end of this week.  We'll report more on that one as time progresses, as it stands it appears to be a big time suck already, so the girls and I are going to have to take it easy on Tim I think.

Congratulations to Auntie Rachel and Uncle Paul on the arrival of little Eli Anderson in November, we are so happy for you!

Love to all!

P.S. We've discovered that Corner Gas means a whole lot more when you live in Saskatchewan.

and P.P.S. Tim and I ran the 5K Jingle Run while in BMD, 10 minutes after the race I realized that Tim was ahead of me the entire time.  So he won, this time...but look at how hard Tim was working!