Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello friends,

With two sick kiddos resting and one mom celebrating a certainly short-lived break in the day, I thought I'd treat myself to a long uninterrupted shower...or rather post a few pictures of what's been happening around these parts.  Back in the day, when Dee was Celia's age, we showed her this video, and she went crazy for it, which wasn't a cheap venture in Australia where you pay for internet by the amount you use.  We made the same mistake with Celia, and she's hooked, and while it isn't as costly a venture in the land of unlimited internet usage, it is taxing on the head.

Celia is still our Big Sky Baby.

Edie on a post at Cranberry Flats.

Ceeley on a post at Cranberry Flats. Happy to be in a precarious position as usual.

Edie's first Jack o' Lantern, and check out the mop on Ceeley!

Cat in the moonlight, big fish chases little fish, scared pumpkin and pirate grimace pumpkin.

Tim took Nadia and Edie out trick-or-treating, those watermelon costumes are holding up well!

LOOT! Edie came back frozen from the cold (it was -4 that night) and with delight that all she had to do was say trick-or-treat and people dumped candy into her bag...if only it were that easy all year long. 

234 Western's first 2012 snowman. Let the winter begin!
Much love to all.