Friday, July 8, 2011

So, on the 31st of December last year we were sitting with the Davis family on the deck of the house where we were housesitting (in Graceville, heard of it? Check this out) and we were talking about the year past and the year to come. I remember thinking that I had no resolution for the new year, thinking about resolving to do something in light of what was already planned just made me really tired. At the time we were thinking about the arrival of Celia in March, and Edie's surgery in May. As it turns out, now that we're already in July, both of these things (and a whole lot more) have come and gone better than we ever could have ever expected. I don't want to go over just how we got through, it's been a long 7 months and ya...lots accomplished. With the departure of Nana Midgie just two weeks behind us, we can safely say that her being here had a lot to do with just how well all of the hoolpa that's been going down with Team Jardine has blown over. That, and a whole lot of divine intervention.

There really is nothing as good as having your mom around when the chips are down. But I'm now a mom, and I can't get my head around how my kids could possibly feel that way someday about me. So, in an effort to be a good mother or perhaps just to procure favour from my children, Miss E gets things like this...

Awesome, hey? Edie thinks so too. But I really can't take any credit for this one, it all belongs to Medical Illustrator Lindsay of Team Davis. This was all part of a plan devised soley for the purpose of trying to get Edie to wear her pink plaid jacket by showing her that Dora also wears her pink plaid jacket. It's good to have talented friends who are also parents.

Lots of pictures to go through on this round, I hope that everyone is doing well.

June and July 2011

Love to all,

Laura on behalf of the team.